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And take advantage of its strategic value.

Turn your data into critical information for your company with Todoesdata. Our

Data Science and Data Analytics consultancy services

will allow you to know the reality and anticipate it, making agile and effective decisions to create value.

Big Data, Business Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Visualization, and a trusted partner. All the tools you need to become a truly Data-Driven company are now within your reach.

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Launch your analytical

Get a Data-Driven focus and boost your company's performance.

Todoesdata guides you in all the stages through your analytical maturity process. From implementing a descriptive analysis culture to answer questions like what happened? Passing through predictive analysis that anticipates what will happen? To ultimately get to integrate the data in your strategical decision making, facing questions like what should I do? by using prescriptive analytics.

A successfull framework

Trust your data and
get results now

"Currently, just 20% of Data Science projects succeed." Gartner

Todoesdata designs solutions focused on achieving your company goals. We adapt to the analytical maturity level of your business, aiming to turn your data into profitability and use them as a strategic advantage that helps your business to grow agile.

How we do it


We align the projects to your strategic objectives


We set the metrics for your success and stick to them


We work with all stakeholders involved


We validate the technical feasibility of the project

Functional areas

01 Marketing and sales
02 Production
03 Finance
04 Operations
01 Marketing and sales
Senior Software Engineer | Todoesdata

Marketing and sales

Up-selling and cross-selling, customer journey, lead scoring, customer segmentation. Data analytics is critical to design effective strategies.

Boost and convert your funnel.

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02 Production
Image Home | Todoesdata


Preventive maintenance, production planning, demand forecast, providers management. Increase your productivity and cut costs by smart using your data.

Anticipate and produce without incidences.

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03 Finance
Senior Software Engineer | Todoesdata


Predefined reports, real-time visibility, customized analysis, sales forecasts. Unlock new business opportunities and turn your department into a growth pillar at your company.

Let data speak on your behalf.

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04 Operations
Machine Learning Engineer | Todoesdata


Surface your processes, correct inneficiencies, optimize costs, reinforce the 360º view. Adopt high-impact analytical solutions and start creating value.

Stop solving problems and start creating competitive advantages.

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