Have the information you need when you need it, bring to light the financial reality of your company at the maximum level, and align all the stakeholders with objective data.

With Todoesdata, you will be able to lead the growth strategies at your company. Data gives you a critical competitive advantage that you must take profit from.

Data will be your main strategic ally.

How do I convince other stakeholders that this customer has no benefit?

Does it make sense to keep this line of products with low margins?

How can I speed up annual financial closings?

Which is the sales forecast for the next period?

Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms put the most cutting-edge and valuable solutions in your hands. Optimize financial risk calculation, collaborate efficiently with your stakeholders, streamline heavy manual tasks, and forecast sales and profits.

Finance | Todoesdata

Surface your real margins

  • Make sure all the product lines are profitable for your company.

  • Align sales strategy and financial results like never before.

  • Consider all your costs and run away from benchmarking only your sales margin.

Finance | Todoesdata

Speed up budget allocation

  • Use a detailed forecast for next year's budget allocation.

  • Collate your estimations with the domain knowledge of your company.

  • Distribute your budget according to valuable insights.